Afilmpodyssey begins its journey

The Pod Station is delighted to unveil its first ever podcast show, afilmpodyssey.

Each episode will see Film and TV nerds Mark Pollard and Mark Latham take you through all the latest news from Hollywood and beyond, pass their critical eye over the latest releases and guide you on what is worth watching (or perhaps skipping) when deciding watch to watch.

We asked the boys why a podcast – Mark Pollard;

We have actually been planning to do a podcast like this for 2 years, but didn’t have any equipment and had little time to figure out how to do a podcast.

The Pod Station solved that problem so now we can get on with doing what we love best… which is listening to the sound of our own voices! We love all things film and TV and in particular dissecting things to the nerd degree. We figured, hell why not recording our mumblings in case someone else wanted to listen. Apparently medical science says that shouting at the idiots you are listening to on your phone is a great stress relief.

With a couple of specials already in the bag, the lads are raring to go with their regular shows. You can keep up to date on all this afilmpodyssey by following them on social media @afilmpodyssey ( Facebook | Instagram | Twitter )

If you’d like to get in touch with them send emails to

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