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Ep49.1 – The #podinthepark Launch!

Missed out on all your festivals this year? Listen to the show & would like to meet the team? Perhaps you’d even like to be a guest? Maybe you’d just like an excuse to go to a beer garden on a Wednesday afternoon?!

To celebrate our 50th episode, (no this one doesn’t count) the gang are going to do a live show at the Anchor Inn, Irby on Wednesday 4 August 2021. The show starts at 3pm and all our welcome!

We will also be steaming the show live on Facebook & Instagram so if you don’t already, go give us a follow!

If you would like to get in touch to ask a question or suggest a topic please email gofish@thepodstation.co.uk or check us out on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn – @go-fishmarketing

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