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Episode 4 – 19 March 2020

The Coronavirus is hitting the world hard and many people are frightened, confused or sceptical about what to do. Imagine enjoying an hour long consultation with a GP to answer your most pressing questions!

Well this is exactly what we deliver, as Dr Ivan Camphor and Dr Alan Johnston answer key questions and put to bed many myths surrounding this pandemic.

We hope to do a follow up show in the coming days to respond to developments. If you have any questions you would like answering simply email theagenda@thepodstation.co.uk or message us through our Twitter, Facebook & Instagram pages.

For further guidance you can visit the World Health Organisation’s public advice page – click here for link

Alternatively you can visit the NHS website by clicking here 

Dr Camphor and Dr Johnston have also stressed the importance of social responsibility and in particular helping those more vulnerable in society. If you would like to volunteer to help those unable to help themselves then please register with Age UK Wirral here

If you are someone in need of help and support please do not suffer in silence. To request support please call 0151 482 3456

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