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The Marvel Rewatch – Captain Marvel

After finding every reason not to do a 23 movie marathon podcast series, we’ve eventually found our muse!

We will be joining Ishtar Ali on her maiden voyage through the MCU, experiencing the excitement we had first time around, whilst adding extra info to enhance her understanding & enjoyment.

In this episode we head to the 90’s to hang out with Carole Danvers – soon to be Captain Marvel. Will Bucky find himself with competition for Ishtar’s affections? How many cheeky Easter Eggs will Pollard sneak in before Latham realises they’ve been stolen from him? Will the nostalgia make us all want to head home to put on leg warmers, get a perm & dust off our walkmans?!

If you don’t want to hear about the post credit spoiler talk skip between 1:07:34 – 1:09:13

If you fancy watching for the first time then this is the podcast series for you. We will be recording a show for each of the film’s as we watch them time chronologically (as opposed to date release order).

The episodes come out every fortnight & will be spoiler free, so you don’t need to worry about finding out everybody dies at the end (ooops!).

If you just fancy a rewatch get on board too. There’s plenty of discussion, nerding out, fun, laughs & plus tagging along for a newbies first outing has definitely been infectious.

Right…. Let’s get this on like Donkey Kong!

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