Welcome to The Pod Station

What is The Pod Station?

Many people would love to have a podcast show, but either do not have the technological knowledge nor the funds to create an infrastructure that will allow them to fulfil this ambition.

The Pod Station has been created to address those obstacles, by offering packages that can equip you with the knowledge and the means to have the podcast you always wanted.

The Master Plan?

We aim to build a diverse community of podcast content, having broken down the barriers that might otherwise put people off doing a podcast. The collective variety of topics will not only appeal to a wider audience, it will also create a support network for our artists.

Why a podcast?

In the last 5 years the number of people in the UK who listen to a podcast each week has risen from 3.2m to 5.9m. In the US it is believed that over 51% of the population now listen to at least one show. Never before has it been so easy to access such a large audience to promote your business, showcase your expertise or simply share your passions and thoughts with the world!

What topic should I choose?

Literally anything! We prohibit content that would break the law or be unduly offensive, but otherwise the world is your oyster. Think of a hobby you feel passionate about it and we suspect there will be someone who has done a podcast about it. If you love talking about it, do a podcast about it.

How to get involved?

If you are interested in knowing more about our concept or the packages which will be unveiled very soon then please send an email to

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